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Diagonal Magic:
Wonders of the Corner to Corner Stitch
ARNie calls this Diagonal Magic because the elemental mechanics, combined with several simple techniques
create stunning finished pieces like magic.  As a gift to her crochet compatriots, she is releasing some of the information she has gathered or created for the Corner to Corner stitch in the form of these little booklets.  The complete book will be published after the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet Vol II has been completed.

All of these booklets were designed for classes, but are detailed enough to learn on your own.
Diagonal Magic Primer

With ARNie’s detailed photos and instructions you can learn how to work the Corner to Corner stitch from start to finish.  

8 page paper back
Tips and tricks for teaching or learning this stitch
Instructions for 2 afghans.

Around the Block

ARNie has developed a method of working Corner to Corner around a block, leaving the scalloped edge intact for instant decorative borders.  

8 page paper back
Detailed photos of how to work this method Instructions for 4 projects: rug, doily, table topper & premie blankey.
Diagonal Magic
Earth & Sky Shawl

One of ARNie’s favorite pieces, this booklet offers instructions and detailed photos on how to work Diagonal Magic in a triangle with a mitered corner and a scalloped edge.

4 page paper back
Color pattern diagram included.

This booklet includes more detailed photos & instructions based on the tutorial already posted at ChezCrochet.com- see link above.

8 page paper back
Brief tutorial on how to do the Corner to Corner stitch included
These are samples of the photographs you will find in ARNie’s Diagonal Magic booklets.