ARNie’s Product List
This is a list of both current titles, and future products that are in the various stages of completion.  As they are finished,  I will post announcements at my Blog, the TunisianCrochet Group at Yahoo, and here at ChezCrochet.com.
The products that are currently available are in Blue & have links to the information pages.


As of August 2011, my continued health issues have forced me to stop selling products directly to the public; indefinitely.  I cannot finish writing the remaining volumes of the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, if I don’t lighten my work load.

Please contact a local yarn shop, or a locally owned book store and have them order the book for you;
OR, you can order from one of the online retailers who carry my products.  

If these options are not available to you, write to me at the address below, and I will send a PayPal invoice when the order is ready to ship.  With my health, I simply cannot offer any guarantees on when I can ship.

My contact email: XXorder@chezcrochet.comXX (remove the XX’s)
Teachers and Store Owners, ask about volume discounts!

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Tunisian Crochet Tutorial Books
Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet         $24.95
Tunisian Crochet Primer                           $4.99
Tunisian Crochet: True Entrelac             $4.99
Tunisian Crochet: Cables & Braids         $6.99

Tunisian Crochet Patterns
Tunisian Crochet:  Arrowhead Netting    $4.99         
Tunisian Crochet: Puff  Lace Stitch          $4.99
TC: ARNie’s Favorite Stitch                       $4.99
Tunisian Crochet: Feather and Fan          $4.99
TC: Mitered Corner Shawls                       $4.99
Tunisian Crochet Scarvescheap replica watches                        $4.99
Tunisian Crochet for a Victorian Family   $4.99

Other Books by ARNie
Whole Grain Cakes & Cookies                 $4.99
Solar Cooking

Future Titles
Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet Vols II-IIV
Teacher’s Guide
Beginner’s Lessons
TC Filet Blankets
American Flags
Texas Flags
Shawls & Throws
Grabowski Star: Mitered Corner Technique
Grabowski Star:TC in Strips
Classic Crochet Tutorial Books
Diagonal Magic Primer                                   $4.99
Diagonal Magic: Around the Block               $4.99
Diagonal Magic: In a Circle                            $4.99
Diagonal Magic: Connect as You Stitch      $4.99
Diagonal Magic: Triangle/Shawl                   $4.99

Classic Crochet Patterns
Speedy Snowflakes!                                       $4.99
Speedy Snowflakes!  #2

Future Titles
Speedy Snowflakes! #3
Speedy Stars & Crosses
Speedy Bells & Baskets
5 Minute Fall Projects
5 Minute Winter Projects
5 Minute Spring Projects
5 Minute Summer Projects
American Flags
Texas Flags
Doilies on the Double
Feather and Fan Scallops
Pineapple Petal Pieces
Pineapple Scarves
Shawls & Wraps
Beginner’s Lessons
Teacher’s Guide
Diagonal Magic: Wonders of Corner to Corner Stitch
Grabowski Star: For Quilts
Grabowski Star: Granny Squares
Grabowski Star: Mitered Corner Classic Crochet