Angela ‘ARNie’ Grabowski offers these uses for all material within the
ChezCrochet.com website and her blogs.

All the material within this website and my blogs is for personal use only, with the following exceptions:

You may use the project patterns to create finished projects to be sold at craft sales, but you must include the ChezCrochet.com address with each piece you sell.

The only way you may share information from this site with other online venues is by posting a Link to the specific ChezCrochet.com page or blog entry.  This includes message boards, emails, blogs, and other websites.

You may use the information within this site for educational purposes as long as the hand outs are free, and the ChezCrochet.com (or blog entry) address is on each page you hand out.

All other uses are strictly prohibited.  If it isn’t listed here, then is it prohibited.

All of this helps me to keep this website free to its users, and I appreciate your co-operation with these issues.
The Kitchen- Chat & Read My Blog
I have decided to move all the Gazette information over to my Blog: CrochetCoalition
You can ‘subscribe’ to my blog and receive notification when I update it.


I will never use, sell, or distribute personal information of any kind; however, since I must use 'advertising supported' services, I have no control over what that service will do with the information; nor do I have control over what ads they will place in the Gazette or at the message boards.

For specific details, check the Yahoo.com website for their privacy policies.
The Kitchen is where I cook up new things for ChezCrochet or where you can grab a drink and chat with me and others on Crochet.
I had never provided a message board for ChezCrochet, because I believed a message board should have certain elements that make it a truly wondrous place to chat.

Building something like this would be time consuming; time which I thought should be spent on building & maintaining ChezCrochet.com.

Early in 2006, I was asked to take over one of the best message boards on the web: tunisiancrochet at Yahoo.  The previous owner had all the elements of a message board (that I wanted) already in place.

I asked Kim Guzman to be co-owner of this group, since she is just as passionate about Tunisian Crochet as I am.

Together we are building one of the largest databases on Tunisian Crochet available on the internet.

You can stroll through our library of Facts, Tips and Tricks, pattern lists from magazines and websites, plus chat with over 1200 other TC enthusiasts!

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