What customers are saying about the
Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet:
So far I have one word for your book: PHENOMENAL!! I can't wait to really look it over. ~Peggy

I absolutely love your book. The research, writing, the pictures, all of it is the ticket that I looked for over the last 25 years (or maybe more)!  Thank You again, ~Linda

The best resource I could find ... was found in a WONDERFUL, worth every penny, not one single regret about spending the money on the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet by Angela "Arnie" Grabowski.   After getting this book and using not only for this solution as well as other suggestions, solutions, ideas, tips, and a stitch guide, I would very highly recommend this resource to each and everyone of you no matter your experience level or how long you have been crocheting in any form.~Tracy

This definitely is the most comprehensive book on Tunisian/ Afghan stitch I have ever seen... great illustrations & written instructions ...even the novice can follow this... ~Judy

All I can say is WOWOWOWOW!  Without a doubt, it is the most comprehensive book I've ever seen on Tunisian Crochet.  It's excellent quality, well worth the asking price, and very easy to understand. ~Barb

I think it is WONDERFUL.  I have looked everywhere for books explaining more stitches, and yours is the only one I've found.  The explanations and pictures are great, and make the stitches really easy to understand. Out of the books that I purchased to be used for reference material I found this one to be quite a bit more informative. ~Meghan

I'm already absolutely in love with it! I honestly never knew that there is so much that can be done with Tunisian Crochet.  ~Debra

I'd recommend the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet.  The detailed photos of where to insert the hook are extremely clear.  Definitely worth the cost.~ Jane

I have your first book and can hardly wait for ALL of the rest of them to come out.......have never regretted purchasing your TC book....... Thank you....... ~Norma

I LOVE THE BOOK!!!  I was impressed with the quality of the paper and the pics. Good job! ~Lynette

I got ARNie's book a few weeks ago. It is absolutely Fantastic! Clear pictures, great information, easy on the eyes! Congrats ARNie! It is wonderful! ~Karen

I just love it; hope your other book is going good. Don't forget to let me know about it. I took my book to my club I'm in and another lady just got hers from you. She really likes her also. She said something about that you might have a third book coming also. Man I sure hope that you let me know about that one too. ~Ruth

I absolutely love this book, so much info and everything I have wanted to know for such a long time. ~Eva
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Just received my book. love it, love it, love it! All those stitches to try. Cables?! Never would have guessed you could do cables with Tunisian crochet! I’m so impressed with all the photos – far more than with any other book I have!  Excellent work, my dear! ~Iris

Wow! What a book! It is beautiful. There is an unbelievable amount of information in there. Last night I just spent time reading it. Now it's time to get busy applying it.~Gena

I received your book today and it looks wonderful. I also love the pussy cats! ~Andrew

I just got Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet and I am impressed. What a lot of work you put in to it. It's a great book. ~Dee

Please let me know when your second volume of the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet will be out. ~Heather
I just received your book. I'm really enjoying it. I had to get out my hook and some yarn and try the purl stitch. I like your fast speed purl stitch. It works for me. Just wanted to thank you. You've helped me already :) ~Lois P.S. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next volume.

I was wondering if you have your second book ready yet or if you know the approximate date that it will be out for sale? As you can see, I am really excited for your new book!  ~Tracy

I got my Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet today and I haven't even looked through it all the way....and it looks FABULOUS ....ooooooohhhhhh I can't wait to delve in. I already know you can count on me for the 2nd volume. ~Nina

Wow! This is so cool! Even shows where to put the hook, which nobody shows. I would not have had NEARLY so much trouble learning plain TC if I'd had this book to follow. Great job, ARNie! ~Linda
ARNie's Book is a definite ‘must have’ from the guru of Tunisian. I have it and love it... very helpful and terrific instructions and photos. ~Kimberley
All I can say is WOW and Thank You!!
I got my book today and am very happy with it!, I also ordered (another book) but your book is by far much more detailed and instructive. Thank you again, I feel confidant I'll be able to make some really nice afghans with the help of your book.  Please add me to your mailing list for future books.  I really like your work.  You're great! ~Kathy

I'm so excited to hear that Book No. 2 on Tunisian Crochet will be coming out this year. I purchased your first book from you awhile ago and I absolutely love it! ~Gleda

Also what an awesome book! You did a great job on writing this book, instructions are very clear, and there is no one like it on TC. Thank you very much! And please let me know when the other one is ready, it is a must have! ~Marfy
I am always humbled and honored when folks write to me when they receive my book.  These are just some of the letters I have received.