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YAS: Yarn Acquistion Syndrome- you're in a store and you spy the Clearnance Section and there is a skein of yarn for 90% OFF THE REGULAR PRICE!  It won't hurt!  It's only one skein!  A cup of coffee costs more than this yarn!  And you get it home and it doesn't match anything you have in your yarn stash...yet.

For those of us who suffer from YAS, here are some simple scarf patterns designed exclusively to use only 1 skein of yarn.
These will provide an excellent opportunity to try some of the more expensive yarns, without a large investment.  The hobby stores in my part of Texas are continuously updating their inventory and cleaning out higher end yarns that don't sell as well, like Homespun and Light & Lofty yarns.  So if you had to purchase some of them, but found only 1 skein of a color, these scarves will give you something to experiment with.

Ch 15-17  For Homespun and Lofty, chain up to 25 for the Boucle.
Row 1: Forward and Return- pick up loops, then drop them off as you normally would for Tunisian Simple Stitch.
Now work the rest of the scarf using the Tunsian Simple Stitch.  Keep working rows to almost the end of the skein  
LAST ROW: Work a Single Crochet or Slip Stitch in each Tss to create a finished edge.


These delicious yarns are so wonderful to feel, yet difficult to work with.
I created these scarves using a Tunisian Simple Stitch and an extra large hook.  My husband made the hook, but it is only a milimeter larger than a Red Heart Crystalite N sized hook, so you should be able to use the Crystalite hook and achieve the same results.  

This luxrious yarn is wonderful to touch in the skien, but even the package recommends that YOU DO NOT FROG this yarn once you have it worked.  Consequentially, you must be very secure in your success rate, when choosing projects for this yarn.  For this scarf/belt, I made a chain of 3, worked Row 1 Forward and Return, as you normally would.  Then increased on each end for the next 2 Rows until I had 7 stitches.  From there, I work Tss until I the skein was almost gone, then decreased 2 stitches per row for 2 rows and ended with 3 stitches.  

Boucles are another type yarn that doesn't rip out easily, and you must choose the projects carefully.  This scarf was a special order and is wider, and longer, so it required almost 2 full skeins of yarn, but you can use the same beginning chain length as the Homespun yarns to finish a 1 skein scarf.

Tips for working with Homespun, Light & Lofty, Chenille and Bernat Boucle yarns

1. Solid 'fabric' projects will highlight the texture of the Light & Lofty and the Boucle yarns better, than airy lacy projects.  The shiny, shimmering effects of some Homespun colors can make simple lace patterns quite attractive; however, for those with obvious color changes- it's best to stick with solid 'fabric' stitches.

2. When using regular crochet stitches, try inserting the hook between the stitches, instead of the top loops.  Be aware that working between the stitches could affect the stitch count on each row, so take steps to adjust this.  (Add a stitch as needed.)

3. The Tunisian Simple Stitch is an excellent stitch to use with these yarns and produces a wonderful finished product.  Be certain to use a hook that is 3-5 times larger than the manufacturer suggests.

If you have tips you would like to share, send them to me and I'll add them here!
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Beg: Beginning
 Ch: Chain stitch   
Lp: Loop  
Hk: Hook
DO: drop off
PU: pick up
Sk: skip stitches
Sl St: slip stitch
Yo: Yarn Over hook
Tks-Knit st  
Tss-Simple/Afghan St Tps-Purl St
 Trs-Reverse St
 Tfs-Full/Plain St

Trps-Reverse Purl st