Holly Leaves &
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Paper Clip
Ice Skates
Roller Skates or
Roller Blades
Christmas Flower
Christmas Decorations

For all of these patterns I used Caron Christmas Glitter or Red Heart Yarn in worsted weight.  You can use a G or H sized hook for slightly different sized ornaments.

Holly and Berries
Holly Leaf Instructions:
Green Yarn, make 2 of these
Ch 11. Sc into second ch from hook, Sc into next st, work 1 Picot, 1 Hdc into next 2 sts, work 1
Picot. 1 dc into next two sts, work 1 Picot. 1 Hdc into next 2 sts, work 1 Picot. 1 Sc into next st, 2 Sc into last st, work 1 Picot. 1Sc in last st-to turn corner. 1 Sc into next st, work 1 Picot. 1 Hdc into next two sts, work 1 Picot. 1 Dc into next two sts, work 1 Picot. 1 Hdc into next two sts, work 1 Picot.  Sc into next st, 3 Sc into last st, work 1 Picot, connect to beg Sc, and end off. Weave threads.                                                                                              
Holly Berries Instructions:
Red Yarn, make 3 of these
Ch 4, and connect to form ring.
Round 1: 12-14 Sc, Hdc, or Dc (depending on the desired size of berry) into the ring to form a flat circle. Connect to beg ch, end off and weave threads.        
Whip stitch or glue all 5 pieces together.  

Ice Skates
Worsted weight yarn in Red, Green or White and hook to accommodate yarn size.
Two Paper Clips.
Attach yarn to a Paper clip as you would to any crocheted piece.  
Row 1: Ch 3, Dc to end of paper clip. This could take 5-8 sts depending on the size of the Paper Clip. This forms the boot of the skate.
Row 2: Ch 3, turn, Dc into all but 2 sts. This will form the Top of the skate
Row 3: Ch 3, turn, Dc into all sts. After last st, Ch 10, end off.  Repeat this for the second skate and tie the two skates together with the Ch 10 lengths.

Roller Skates or Roller Blades
Christy,(a Chez Crochet visitor) sent this idea to me, since she used the Ice Skate pattern for the base.  Using small thread, she crocheted little wheels for the ice skates to create Roller Skate earrings.  I have adapted the idea for a quick and easy holiday decoration.

Attach yarn to Paper Clip at end. Sc around tip, across the bottom and around the other tip.  (This will help the bottom of the paper clip to match the boot and make it look like a support for the wheels.)
When you have stitched back to the top of the Paper clip, begin using the instructions for
Rows 1 - 3 of the Ice Skates.  Once you have ended off and woven tails, you can glue plastic 'pony beads' to the bottom of the skate for the wheels.

For you adventurous crocheters, you can string the pony beads onto the yarn and crochet them onto the paper clip with the single crochet stitches.  However, my attempts with worsted weight yarn were not the greatest.  Working with a smaller cotton thread might produce better looking results.

Christmas Flower Coaster
Caron Glitter, Red Heart or Sugar & Cream Sparkle yarns, Size H hook.
Beginning Cluster St: Yo, insert hk into next stitch, Yo, pull through; Yo, pull through two loops. Yo, insert hook into next stitch, yo, pull through, yo, pull  through two loops, yo, pull through all loops.
Cluster St: (Yo, insert hk into next stitch, Yo, pull through; Yo, pull through two loops.) 3 Times. Yo, pull through all loops.
Instructions:  (Ch 6) and connect to form circle
Round 1: Ch 2, 15 HDC into ring and connect
Round 2: Ch 3, (counts as 1 dc) 3 dc into same sp as ch, *Ch 1, skip 1 stitch, 4 dc into same stitch *Repeat around circle and connect
Round 3: Ch 2, (counts as 1 Dc).  Work Beginning Cluster St. *Ch 3, sc into ch 1 sp.  Ch 3, skip first Dc. Work Cluster stitch in next 3 Dc.  *Repeat around circle, connect into top of first Cluster stitch.  End off and weave threads.
Beg: Beginning
 Ch: Chain stitch
Dc: Double Crochet   
Sc: Single Crochet  
Trc: Treble Crochet
Lp: Loop  
Hk: Hook
 Sk: skip stitches
Sl St: slip stitch
Yo: Yarn Over hook