The Cloche hat is slightly longer than this Chemo Skull Cap.
The Amazing Hat Pattern
A student found a crocheted hat at a Church Bazaar and she asked me if I could tell her how to make one.  As I began to work with my own version, I noticed some wonderful things: this pattern can make several different hat patterns, just by adding more rows!

For a Chemo Skull Cap: Work Rows 1-3; repeating Rows 3 & 4 to obtain desired width and length.  (Using a K sized hook will make a larger hat with looser stitches.)

For a Cloche or Flapper hat: Work Rows 1-9.

For a British ‘Tweed’ Hat: Work Rows 1-11, and Last Row using regular Double Crochets, instead of a Back Loop Dc.  If somebody knows the name of this hat, please email me.  I keep seeing Rex Harrison in Dr. Dolittle or My Fair Lady in this simple, gray, tweed/felt hat.

For a Bowler or Derby: same as British ‘Tweed’ Hat, just roll the brim.

For a Retro Floppy Hat: Work all rows, adding rows as directed to obtain the 'floppy' brim.

Pattern Instructions:
Hold 2 strands of worsted weight yarn and a J sized hook for these hats.  Using a K hook will loosen the stitches and make the hats larger.

Ch 6-7 & connect to form ring.
Round 1: Ch 3, Work 15-17 Dc into ring-enough that the piece lies flat and does not cup. Connect to beg ch.
Round 2: Ch 3, 1 Dc in same sp.  Work 2 Back Loop Dc in ea st, connect to beg ch.
Round 3: Ch 3, 1 BLDc in same sp. *1 BLDc in next 3 sts.  2 BLDc in next st. Repeat from * around circle. Connect to beg ch.  (Round 3 can be repeated to increase the circumference of the hat.)
Rounds 4-7: Ch 3. 1 BLDc in each st around hat.  Connect to beg ch. (These Rows can be repeated as needed to obtain desired length.)
Round 8: Ch 1, work 1 BLSc in each st.
Round 9: Ch 3. 1 BLDc in same sp. *1 BLDc in next 3 sts. 2 BLDc in next st. Repeat from * around hat. Connect to beg ch.
Round 10: Ch 3. 1 BLDc in same st. * 1 BLDc in next 4 sts. 2 BLDc in next st. Repeat from * around hat. Connect to beg ch. (This Row can be repeated one more time for a really floppy brim.)
Round 11: Ch 1, work 1 Back Loop Sc in each st. Connect to beg ch.  (Round 11 can be repeated 2 more times to extend the brim.)
Last Row: Sl st in each st OR Crab St in each st. End off and weave threads.

Tunisian Crochet Stocking Cap
I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn, and an M sized hook.  Any type or weight of yarn is acceptable; use a hook size appropriate for your yarn.

1. Crochet a chain that extends from the top of the head to as long as you want the hat.  This could be up to 18 inches (45 cm), depending on how large you want the 'rolled' hat band.  This will create the height of the hat. {For a Medium sized hat: 35-40 chs.}

2.  Work Rows of alternating Tps and Trs until the piece will circle the head.  Be certain NOT to stretch the piece when measuring around the head; this will reduce the 'loft' of the rows and eliminate the strectch of the piece-making it difficult to wear.  This step creates the width or circumference of the hat.  {For a Medium Hat: 48-50 Rows}

Stitching Instructions:
Row 1: Forward and Return- As you normally would for any TC st.
Row 2: Forward- Work Tps in ea st. Return as you normally would.
Row 3: Forward- Work Trs in ea st.  Return as you normally would.
Repeat Rows 2 & 3 to create pattern, and work until the piece easily fits around the head.  DO NOT END OFF.

Match the Beginning Row with the Ending Row.  Single Crochet the two ends together to make a tube.  End off and weave threads.
Gather one end of the tube by weaving a double strand of yarn through the stitches and then pulling the two ends (of the weaving yarn) together very tightly.  This will create the top of the hat.
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Derby & Tweed Hats are same pattern.
The Retro Floppy has a brim a little larger than the Tweed hat.
Tunisian Crochet
Stocking Cap
Beg: Beginning
Ch: Chain stitch
Dc: Double Crochet   
Sc: Single Crochet  
Trc: Treble Crochet
Lp: Loop  
Hk: Hook
 Sk: skip stitches
Sl St: slip stitch
Yo: Yarn Over hook
 Tps-Purl St
 Trs-Reverse St
Tunisian Crochet
Stocking Hat
...is a versatile little pattern; with some simple measuring, you can adjust it to fit all sizes.