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Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet
Volume II
Tunisian Crochet in the Round with Tks

Beach Ball Coasters
I've found this pattern in many different sources, but I’ve never seen anyone do it with the Tunisian Knit Stitch. I like this version for coasters and hot pads, since it creates a ‘double-layered’ piece without having to make two pieces and crochet them together.

With worsted weight yarn and a J afghan hook, these coasters measure 4 inches/ 10 cm across.
A great scrap yarn project, I used 4 different colors of yarn for the coaster, and 8 different colors for the Dresden Plate.

Ch 6.
Row 1 Forward & Return: In 2nd ch from hk, work 1 Tunisian Knit st. Yo, pull through 1 loop on hk.  Yo, and pull through last loop on hk.  Row completed.
Row 2: Forward and Return: Work 1 Tks in the Tks of previous row. Work 1 Tks in the 3rd Ch of original ch. Return as you normally would.
Row 3: Forward and Return: Work 1 Tks in each st of this row, PLUS 1 Tks in the 4th Ch of the original Ch.  Return as you normally would.
Row 4: Forward and Return: Work 1 Tks in each st of this row, PLUS 1 Tks in the 5th Ch of the original Ch.  Return as you normally would.
Row 5: Forward and Return: Work 1 Tks in each st of this row, PLUS 1 Tks in the 6th Ch of the original Ch.  Return as you normally would STOP WITH TWO LOOPS LEFT ON HK.  Attach next color, Yo with next color and pull through remaining loops.  This will start the first Row of this Color.

Repeat these steps for 8 separate sections/colors.  On the last Row of Section 8, completely finish the Return. DO NOT END OFF. Remove Afghan hook from work.

With the Tks In the Round, I find that you will have a ‘doughnut hole’ in the center of the Coaster when you match up the two ends and sew them together.  
If you want to eliminate this empty space in the center, what I recommend is this:

Hold the coaster so that the ‘Doughnut Hole/Center’ of the piece is all in a straight line.  Attach a contrasting color to the Right Hand end of the Center.  Work 1 Tks in each ‘stitch’ across to the Left hand end of the Center. Yo, and pull through all of the loops on the hook.  Pull tight so that this row looks like a star stitch.  Yo, and pull through again. End off.

Fold the Coaster in half, with Right Sides together.  Line up the ‘open ends’ of the coaster, so you can crochet them together and close the circle.  With a regular crochet hook-Size H, pull the Loop you left loose, through the First stitch of the First row.  Yo, pull through loop.  Sc in each st across the open ends, making certain to pass through the center of each Tks on one side, as well as the remaining loop of the Beg Ch of the other side.

Yes, you can close the circle, as you work the Return of the very last row, but I prefer to Sc the circle closed, so the last row can be finished and not look like a series of empty loops.

End off, weave threads and lightly steam block if necessary.

Beach Ball Hot Pad or Dresden Plate Motif
The pattern is the same for these larger Circles as with the Coaster, just start with more Chains.  

For the Dresden Plate, I used 10 Chains. Done in worsted weight cotton thread, these circles measure 6 inches/15cm across.  I used 4 Solids and 4 coordinating variegated threads alternating between the solid and variegated colors.

For the Beach Ball, I used 10 chains and the same 4 colors as the Coaster.  With worsted weight acrylic yarn, these Hot Pads measure 5 1/2 inches/14cm across.
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Beach Ball Hot Pad
Dresden Plate
For a diagram of all the various Threads of a Tunisian Crochet Stitch,
Click Here!
Beg: Beginning
 Ch: Chain stitch   
Lp: Loop  
Hk: Hook
DO: drop off
PU: pick up
Sk: skip stitches
Sl St: slip stitch
Yo: Yarn Over hook
Tks-Knit st  
Tss-Simple/Afghan St Tps-Purl St
 Trs-Reverse St
 Tfs-Full/Plain St

Trps-Reverse Purl st