One of the most comprehensive books on Tunisian Crochet published to date!

140 pages of instructions,
Technique and stitch photographs,
Articles & Tutorials,
Alternate Names and Terms;
Everything you need to get started and master Tunisian Crochet!     
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The Great 'Purl' Controversy
Tunisian Crochet 101
How to Reduce the Curl
Alternate Names, Titles & Terms

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A Note from ARNie about
The Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet:

About 18 years ago, I began experimenting with the Afghan Stitch in an effort to mimic knitting without using 2 needles.  At that time, I could find very little information on this type of needlework.  

Even after Tunisian Crochet had begun to make a come-back, and more books and patterns were available, I was disappointed that there was not one, all-inclusive stitch guide for Tunisian Crochet.  Consequentially, I set out to create one myself, and this book is the first installment to archive all the different stitches, stitch combos and other techniques possible in Tunisian Crochet.
For the experienced needleworker, there are over 400 stitches and stitch combinations with photos of the Front and the Back, where applicable.  

For the beginner, there are tutorials, Q&A’s, Tips & Tricks, and 560 photos to help better detail the diversity of Tunisian Crochet.  

The culmination of years of research and experimentation, The Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet has almost everything that I have found, and discovered on my own.

I'm currently working on Volumes 2 & 3 of the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, because I couldn't get ALL that I've found into one book.
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The Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet
is now in its Second Printing!
What Customers are saying about:
The Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet

Your Tunisian Crochet book just arrived....I am so pleased and impressed--with both the content and the quality. As a published author, I have a sense of how much devoted effort you put into this wonderful reference. Thanks so much; it's a tremendous resource. ~DM

I've been crocheting over 40 years and tunisian is probably my weakest area. Now I can round out my knowledge and skills with confidence I am being tutored by someone who truly knows the art of tunisian. ~Donna

Hi Arnie, Just wanted to tell you the book arrived today. I ve gotten look through it a bit and it's just great! Can't wait until the next one comes out :)  ~Rhonda

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