The Parlor: Lace Crochet
Design Patterns

Diamonds & Lattice

Crocheted Bric a Brac

Basic Shell/Scallop

Basic Fans

Eyelet Patterns
Looped Eyelets
Staggered Shells & Eyelets

Shells & Fans Variations:
Shells and V’s in Rows
Lattice and Open Fans

Spider Web/Butterfly Variations

Pineapple Variations
Basic Pineapple
Individual Pineapple Motifs

Filet Crochet
Patty's Crochet - is one of the best filet primers on the web, with many many graphs and patterns available also.

Smart Crochet - Boasts 271 Filet Graphs and Patterns
Active Links are in Blue; future links are in green.  There is more than one stitch on each page, so be sure to scroll down to see everything.
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Wow! What a book! It is beautiful. There is an unbelievable amount of information in there. Last night I just spent time reading it. Now it's time to get busy applying it.~Gena               Find out what

Looking for larger projects in lace?  ARNie now has