Prayer Shawls and Links  

At the old site, I had some discussions with readers, plus requests for patterns on Prayer Shawls.  Prayer Shawls were a new concept to me, but one that I thought was an excellent symbol of human compassion and care.

Here is what Linda Reschke originally told me about the Prayer Shawl:
“A ‘Prayer Shawl’ is one that you knit or crochet, and while you are working on it you pray for the well being, healing, peace of mind, etc. of the person you will give the shawl to. Enclose a note to the person receiving the shawl explaining that your good intentions and prayers are in every stitch of the shawl. As the recipient wraps the shawl around them, have them think of it as the arms of God giving them comfort. For those of your friends and family who can't crochet, you can have them just hold it for a few moments and put their good intentions and prayers into it. If your recipient is a man you can make a lap afghan, instead."
~Linda R.

Linda wrote to me asking for guidance on stitches that she was using to create her own Prayer Shawl.  This tells me that you don’t need a ‘Prayer Shawl Pattern;’ you can use any shawl pattern for your project.  

The key is the Prayers you say while working the stitches.

To help get your Prayer Shawl started, I gathered some of my favorite Shawl Links together.
In the future I will be listing some of my own Shawl Patterns.

Shawl, Shrug and Poncho Links

Several Shawl Patterns  at Knitting-Crochet.com
Stargazer's Shawls Page
Multi colored Triangle Shawl
Pineapple Shawl/Afghan
Simple Shawl
Pink Scalloped Shawl
Chirstmas Tree Skirt
ARNie’s Winter Shawl in Tunisian Crochet

Yes, I included the Tree Skirt pattern, because I believe a Tree Skirt could work nicely for a Cape/Shawl.  Just add more rows to reach your desired length.

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You don’t need an actual pattern to stitch a
‘Prayer Shawl.’  You can use any shawl pattern... The key is the Prayers you say while stitching.