Individual Stitches & Basics

Tunisian Crochet 101
TC Foundations- overview

Reducing the Curl
The Great Purl Controversy
TC Titles & Names  NEW!
Make Cables POP! NEW!

Basic 5 Foundations:
Knit, Purl, Simple, Full, Reverse
Reverse Purl- NEW
Extended Knit st-ExTks

Cross Bar Foundations-
Back Loop (Purl)
Top Thread
Bottom Thread #1
Bottom Thread #2

Front Crossed Stiches
FXDcTss, FXTss,
Due to the stitch formation, Front Crossed Knit & Full Stitches not recommended.
Front Crossed Purl is not possible.
Diagonal FXTss- NEW! at my blog
Twisted Simple St- TwTss

Back Crossed Stitches:
Tss/Tps, Tks/Tps, Tfs/Tps
BXDc, BxTrc

Tunisian Double Crochet:
Simple, Knit, Purl, Full, Reverse

Tunisian Treble Crochet
Simple Knit, Purl, Full, Reverse

3D Stitches:
Limpet Shell
Cables & Ropes
Bobbles & Popcorns

Tunisian Crochet Central
I have collected all of the offsite Tunisian Crochet links on the Neighborhood Page.
The Study: Tunisian Crochet
  Front Door     Study:TC       Living Room:RC       Parlor:Lace       Library     ARNies Armoire     Free Patterns     Links
Design Patterns

Trs/Tss, Tks/Tss, Tks/Tps Tks/Trs, Tss/Tps, Tps/Trs

3 Stitch Checker Boards:
Trs/Tss, Tks/Tss, Tks/Tps, Tks/Trs,
Tss/Tps, Tps/Trs

Flying Geese:
#1, #2, #3,
#4-Vertical Rib,
#5-Horizontal Rib

Basic Foundations  
Flying Geese-
    #4-Vertical Rib,
    #5-Horizontal Rib

TC in the Round-
Dresdan Plate
Beach Balls
Starlight Peppermints

Textured Entrelac- Photos only
Photo 1,  Photo 2

3 Stitch Stripes

6 Stitch Diagonals

Lace and Open Work:
Button Holes
ExTks-Ch combo
Replica montblanc
Tfs & Eyelet Combo
Tks/Trs Combo
Tss/Tfs Combo-
      Arrowhead Netting
Flying Geese #1

Now, put these stitches to work! Free Patterns available at this website:
Dresdan Plate
Beach Balls

Starlight Peppermints
Cheap replica rolex
Stocking Hat
Stitch Sampler Shawl
Short Collar Scarf
Shadow Stitch Clutch Cover
Dish Cloth
Active Links are in Blue; future links are in green.  There is more than one stitch on each page, so be sure to scroll down to see everything.
I am always humbled by the lovely letters I receive from folks.  
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I absolutely love your book. The research, writing, the pictures, all of it is the ticket that I looked for over the last 25 years (or maybe more)!  Thank You again, ~Linda


This definitely is the most comprehensive book on Tunisian/ Afghan stitch I have ever seen... great illustrations & written instructions ...even the novice can follow this... ~Judy

All I can say is WOWOWOWOW!  Without a doubt, it is the most comprehensive book I've ever seen on Tunisian Crochet.  It's excellent quality, well worth the asking price, and very easy to understand. ~Barb

I think it is WONDERFUL.  I have looked everywhere for books explaining more stitches, and yours is the only one I've found.  The explanations and pictures are great, and make the stitches really easy to understand.  ~Meghan

I'm already absolutely in love with it! I honestly never knew that there is so much that can be done with Tunisian Crochet.  ~Debra

I'd recommend the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet.  The detailed photos of where to insert the hook are extremely clear.  Definitely worth the cost.~ Jane

WONDERFUL, worth every penny, not one single regret about spending the money...  suggestions, solutions, ideas, tips, and a stitch guide, I would very highly recommend this resource  no matter your experience level or how long you have been crocheting in any form.~ Midds
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