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Tunisian Crochet:
Patterns and Tutorial Booklets
Until Volumes II & III are completed, ARNie is offering these smaller booklets which include patterns and tutorials
from future volumes of the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet.
Tunisian Crochet : Cables & Braids
After years of research and development, I have finally found the tips and tricks to make Tunisian Cables just as beautiful as Knitting Cables.  This booklet has some of the cables I’ve translated from knitting, & more detailed photos of the tutorial already posted below.
12 page paperback booklet
16 Cable/Braid instructions,
How to Make Cables POP!
1 project pattern
Whole Grain Cakes & Cookies
I combined my love of home baked goodies with the nutrition of whole wheat and other whole grains to create treats that are tasty and good for you.  
Also included are my best tips and tricks for making whole wheat flour palatable to modern tastes.
Eleven quick and easy recipes are sure to be crowd pleasers all year long.
8 pg paperback
Tunisian Crochet Scarves
Offering a variety of stitches, and types of scarves, this is a great booklet for beginners.
8 pg paperback booklet  
6 scarves, 1 Cabled Collar Scarf based on free pattern, &  a Collar Cuff (shown above).
Tunisian Crochet for a Victorian Family
Although these were designed with Historical Re-Enactors in mind, they are classic clothing pieces that can be found in today’s fashion trends.
8 pg paperback booklet
Shoulder Cape, Fingerless Mitts, Belts, Head scarf,
Winter & Summer shawls, Cricket/camo Cap.
Solar Cooking
Everything you need to know to safely cook with the sun.

Topics include: science of how it works, types of cookers, safe food handling tips, plans & diagrams for making your own cooker, best & worst materials and supplies, 6 recipes, and lots of links.

12 page paperback booklet

Introducing ARNie’s  Cable Stitch Hooks!
  As I was researching and stitching all the different types of cables, braids and plaits, I struggled horribly with knitting cable stitch holders.  Because they are all so thin, they would fall right out of my TC stitches, so would crochet hooks.  
   After several weeks of discussions on design and structure, Lisa & Frank at Twin Birch Products perfected a Tunisian Cable Hook that makes cables so easy to work!  
   Based on MY specifications, these cable stitch hooks are short enough to not be in the way of the main hook, yet large enough in diameter to maintain a proper gauge for working with the larger hooks TC requires.  The pointed tip at the opposite ends makes slipping stitches back onto the long hook very easy.
You can order these hooks at: http://twinbirchproducts.com/index.html
See a Tutorial on How to Use these hooks here: Cable Tutorial
Introducing ARNie’s  Entrelac Hooks!
  As I was researching and developing my method for working Entrelac, I used a ‘short’ wooden crochet hook.  Knowing the popularity of Entrelac, I thought a specialized hook could be useful for it, as well!
  Based on MY specifications, Frank & Lisa created these Entrelac hooks,  which are shorter than most afghan hooks, but they have a ball on the end to prevent stitches from falling off.  I used these hooks to stitch all of the samples for the Scarves booklet.
You can order these hooks at: http://twinbirchproducts.com/index.html