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Alternate Names, Terms, and Titles
Associated with Tunisian Crochet

ARNie’s Note: this is taken from the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, now in its second printing.  With all the confusion surrounding Tunisian Crochet, I decided to post this list to
help others find patterns and information from historical texts.

Other Names for Tunisian Crochet: Afghan Stitch, Shepherd’s Knitting, Scot’s Knitting, Scotch Knitting, Tricot Ecossais, Tricotee, Crochet a Tricoter, Crochet a la Tricoter, Tricot Crochet, Fool’s Knitting, Idiot’s Knitting, Railway Knitting, Royal Princess Stitch,
Russian Crochet

Knit stitch- abbr: Tks.  AKA: Stocking st, Stockinette st, Simple Rib st, Foundation st
Formed by inserting the hook into the center of a stitch- to the back and pulling a loop onto the hook. This is shorter, tighter and denser than any other Tunisian Stitches.  
NOTES: Urban legend has it that one poor lady was not allowed to enter her Tunisian Knit Stitch article in a County Fair, because the Judges believed it to be Knitting and not Crochet.  
Informed folks know to look for the Pronounced Horizontal Ridges on the back to determine this crochet stitch from knitting.

Kim and ARNie’s Purl stitch- abbr: Tps.   AKA: Backwards stitch, Wave Stitch, Fancy Tricot, Reverse Stitch
Formed by slipping the hook under the Back Vertical thread, yarn over and pull a loop onto the hook.  This stitch is looser than the Knit and it curls the opposite direction.  By combining these stitches, the overall curl can be greatly reduced and even eliminated.  
NOTES: Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine” of 1862 labeled this stitch as The Wave Stitch, that ‘some what resembles Purl Knitting.’  For more information see ‘The Great Purl Controversy.

Reverse Stitch- abbr: Trs.  AKA: Purl stitch, Fancy Tricot
Formed by pulling the yarn to the front of the piece, then using a Simple Stitch foundation and pulling the yarn down under the hook-around to the top, then replica montblanc pulling it through the stitch to form a loop on the hook.  This version of the stitch mechanics is not as easy nor as fast as the Purl, but it creates some wonderful textures and visual effects when combined with other stitches.
NOTES:  The term ‘Reverse stitch’ is from “The Complete Stitch Directory.”  I knew this stitch as the Reverse stitch, BEFORE I saw other, newer publications labeling it as the Purl.

Simple Stitch- abbr: Tss.  AKA: Afghan st, Knit st, Royal Princess st, Tricot st, Tunis st, BAS-Basic Afghan St
Formed by slipping the hook under the vertical thread on the front of the piece, then yo and pull the loop onto the hook.  The Simple Stitch is taller and looser than the Knit Stitch.

Full Stitch- abbr: Tfs.  AKA: Plain st, Slant st, Gobelin st, Waffle st
Formed by inserting the hook in between the stitches all the way to the back, yarn over and pull the loop onto the hook.  This creates a wonderfully smooth front, but curls the most of all Tunisian Foundation Stitches.  It is used primarily as an Increase stitch or combined with Eyelets to create beautiful lace Design Patterns.
NOTES:  Some Victorian replica watches rolex publications called this the Slant Stitch, because it would slant off to one side if a ‘checkerboard’ pattern was not used with it.  Other Publications called it the Slant Stitch because they hadn’t figured out how to use the checkerboard idea and, consequentially, the finished piece would ‘slant’ off to one side.

Pebbles- AKA: Bobbles, Muscovite Crochet
Formed on the Return by adding 3 (or more) chains in between the loops of Tunisian Crochet that create a ‘knobby’ texture.  Muscovite Crochet is  Victorian term used for-  3 Chain loops formed on the Return.  
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